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All residents of Virginia are required to exhibit protective motoring patterns when on road. Despite the implementation of the VA reckless driving laws, the state witnesses and registers a number of deaths due to traffic accidents. Government organizations and public care centers in VA should come up with initiatives to enlighten motorists on the reckless driving laws. Consequently, are 14 kinds of reckless motoring recognized in the state of VA. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has experience in handling these kinds of litigations and can defend the case successfully.

Definitions, Types, and Effects

VA reckless driving conceives ‘reckless’ as a certain insolent disregard by the drivers due to the upshot of their unconcerned actions, while traveling on roads, risking the safety of fellow drivers, footers, and assets. A large number of people charged with inattentive motoring at public places in VA are found to have been involved in car accidents. The VA arresting officers, upon noticing serious aftermath, pronounce and apprehend the drivers responsible for the collisions. Individuals, accused of crimes belonging to these categories, encounter various legal issues and are penalized as per the laws concerning reckless driving in VA. The lawyers at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can advise on the offense and the penalties involved in reckless driving cases according to the VA laws.

Laws relating to reckless driving accredit definite speeding parameters for the vehicles traveling on highways or small-scaled lanes in VA. The laws relating to reckless driving in VA incriminate people who establish the following motoring practices: vehicles running at speeds surpassing the mandatory figures and reckless handling of conveyances that thereby impose threats to other human lives, public and private properties. Our reckless driving lawyers will take all efforts to ensure your acquittal.

The reckless driving laws acknowledge rates of 80 miles/hour as the mandatory limits for speeding on VA roads. According to the reckless driving laws, individuals who travel at speeds exceeding the permissible limits can be accused of reckless driving in VA. People motoring at a speed over 20 miles/hour above the standard speed limits and those traveling at rates higher than 85 miles/hour are held for reckless motoring. Even a minute deviation from the recognized speed limitations incurs criminal charges for careless steering. The VA laws related to reckless driving are in place for the safety of passengers, motorists, and pedestrians. Traffic cops can even file complaints against drivers who were traveling at speeds ranging between 80 miles/hour and 100 miles/hour as the former transcended the recognized threshold.

Attorneys handle criminal allegations pertaining to reckless motoring in many different ways. The consequence of the rash driving lawsuit solely depends on the VA judge, who is likely to deal with the case by offering due regard to the reckless driving laws. According to the VA reckless driving laws, individuals impeached for inattentive motoring should be tried at the courts operational at locations at which they obtained tickets. The laws concerning reckless driving acknowledge a definite set of factors that affect the result of the VA lawsuits concerning rash motoring such as records of speed recorded, exceeding legal limits, and assurance of authenticity in the calibrations of the speedometers installed at vehicles.

Fines are levied on individuals who happen to have had exhibited dangerous motoring patterns by harmful speeding, only when they are proven guilty by the judges of the local courts. Different legislation accredits a varied set of procedures to handle these charges. The reckless driving laws expect mandatory and timely replies from the VA driver in response to the tickets they receive. They will be required to present themselves at the courts for trials with or without the assistance of lawyers. A person who fails to appear at the court during the stipulated date is prone to get apprehended. Therefore, seek guidance from the VA attorneys who have thorough expertise on issues such as laws concerning reckless driving applicable in the state, the means with which courts function in VA, rash motoring due to loss of control over the conveyance. The reckless driving laws in VA put forth certain laws to determine the conviction, barring the utilization of vehicles that are not under a good control and steering vehicles with brakes that do not function properly.

The laws related to reckless driving and courts declare guilt upon people who were found to have had established the above-mentioned motoring practices before their arrest at the traffic stops in VA. Charges falling under this criterion are majorly lodged against individuals responsible for an accident.

Other Connected offenses

Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer

The reckless driving laws acknowledge 11 other kinds of reckless motoring in VA apart from the ones explained above. However, the number of cases registered on account of the commission of these crimes is less. Some of the other motoring offenses stated herein are:

  • Overloading of the conveyances.
  • Two vehicles traveling on the same traffic lanes.
  • Illegal passing at crossroads, intersections, junctions, and railway crossings.
  • Rendering improper signals when on road.
  • Overtaking two conveyances that are traveling abreast.
  • Motoring at speeds irrelevant to the observed traffic conditions.
  • Racing and rash motoring.
  • Trying to overtake vehicles when the sight of the scene or the path ahead is unclear.
  • Illicit obstructing of a path by prohibiting the other vehicles from overtaking.
  • Passing stationary ambulances and school buses from the front or rear.

The reckless driving laws put forth standardized grounds on the basis with which a person can be accused of the above-mentioned charges in VA.

Legal consequences of such rash driving and associated laws

Individuals in VA caught for reckless driving are prone to incur the following penalization and legal consequences as recognized by the reckless driving laws.

Moreover, the reckless driving laws acknowledge mandatory figures pertaining to speeds, surpassing, etc., for which VA individuals are charged. Drivers found to have had traveled at speed over 90 miles/hour, can be arrested for a stipulated duration. Speeding at rates above 100 miles/hour incur imprisonment for longer periods of time. The reckless driving laws instruct VA judges to render ample considerations to the attitudes of the accused observed at the time of the arrest. Drivers who are found to have had disregarded the police officers during their arrest are likely to aggravate the charges filed against them. The reckless driving laws give rights to the judges to examine and access the history of the VA defendants. Defendants who are found to have had received tickets on account of speeding earlier are susceptible to acquire additional legal consequences as the court conceives the current crime as a high disregard for the VA reckless driving laws owing to the prior records.


Reckless driving laws demand payment of fines, amounting up to 2500 dollars, from those proven guilty in VA. However, the same may vary with respect to the severity of the cases registered. The reckless driving laws accredit a number of elements that determine the amounts that are to be paid as fines for allegations of these kinds in VA. Some of them are listed herein include The policies of the court hearing the case, previous histories of reckless motoring pertaining to the individuals accused (if any), and the speed of the vehicle observed before being halted by the arresting officers stationed at checkpoints.

Under usual circumstances, the average fines that are to be levied on tickets incurred for inattentive motoring are the same as that of those computed for tickets obtained on account of regular speeding. Harmonizing with VA reckless driving laws, a sum of $6 is collected as fines for every mile/hour figure exceeding the legal speed limit. This may vary in accordance with the jurisdictions implemented at the local VA courts.

Suspension of licenses

Not all offenders of rash motoring are given temporary licenses for transiting to and from work. The reckless driving laws instruct judges to issue orders suspending the licenses of the people incriminated upon observing harmful speeding patterns exhibited by the latter at the time of the arrest in VA. The reckless driving laws allow VA courts to detain licenses of individuals who happen to have had traveling at over 90 miles/hour, before being held for the same by the traffic cops. People with Commercial Driving Licenses (CDL) may end up getting their licenses confiscated upon being proven guilty of rash motoring.


The reckless driving laws do not inflict penalization pertaining to imprisonments in all VA lawsuits. However, VA drivers who are found to have had been speeding between 95 miles/hour and 100 miles/hour are likely to be arrested and punished as advised by the reckless driving laws. Seek consultation from the local lawyers at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. if a ticket is served, to avail a better understanding of the functioning of courts, operational in and around, the same location.

Influences on the motoring and conviction records

VA reckless driving laws incur 6 demerit points to the criminal records of the accused, who will thereby be obliged to live with it for a subsequent time period of 11 years. Rash motoring patterns established by drivers that eventually led to serious consequences, with respect to increased losses on human lives and property, incur permanent conviction records. The reckless driving laws do not entertain and encourage the expungement of the crimes registered in VA. When looking for expungement of the charges, contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to get clarity on the subject and advise on how to fight for an appropriate defense. Our lawyers advise clients on the dos and don’ts to proceed with a smooth trial.

Issues concerning employment

Individuals who solely depend on their licenses for the execution of their day to day work are likely to lose their jobs as all documentation pertaining to their vehicles and motoring practices stand confiscated or suspended after being proven guilty. Convicted drivers driving heavy vehicles using commercial licenses may also lose their jobs due to the confiscation of their licenses. The lawyers at the Law Office of SRIS, P.C have excellent knowledge of reckless driving laws and can work out solid defenses to save VA clients from harsh sentencing.

Correction programs

The reckless driving laws grant powers to the local VA judges to pronounce improvement and correction programs for the accused. The offender will be obliged to attend these sessions regularly. The reckless driving laws allow VA courts to dismiss or lessen the charges lodged against the defendants, upon ensuring successful completion of the improvement programs by the latter. Reckless driving laws recognized by several jurisdictions notify the individuals accused to attend motor schools to rectify and refine their skills.

Regulations put forth by the reckless driving laws to monitor and control the motorist requires demonstration of strong grounds to incriminate an individual for the offense in VA. State prosecutors handling lawsuits concerning rash motoring will have to prove that the defendants exhibited the following course of actions which eventually made the latter susceptible to allegations.

Handling the vehicle: The reckless driving laws demand prosecutors to submit and present adequate evidence claiming the presence of the individuals incriminated at the crime locations in VA. Additionally, complainants will have to prove that it was actually the accused who was handling the vehicle during the VA accident. Proving these grounds of presence may seem obvious in many lawsuits, but the same becomes hard when the people accused were involved in crimes that have no external witnesses.

Motoring at highways: The reckless driving laws recognize highways as roads open to the general public who travel by conveyances. Reckless driving laws render standardized clauses that differentiate highways from normal lanes of VA traffic. For instance, the determination of highways varies in accordance with the degrees at which a path or a public road is open for the movement of the public who use vehicles for transmissions. Reckless driving laws ask of the prosecutors to establish definite proof that thereby claim that the VA roads on which the accused traveled during the accident were actually highways.

Damages to the surrounding: The reckless driving laws advocate attorneys, representing the state, to testify this aspect beyond a reasonable doubt. In most cases, investigating officers are likely to be absent at the concerned location during the commission of the alleged crimes. Under these circumstances, the VA officials will have to use their own experience and expertise to determine the incidents that actually took place at the time of the accident. They are entitled to provide adequate claims that prove the accusations filed against the respondents. The reckless driving laws instruct VA judges to render equal consideration to the attitudes of the defendants observed at the time of the arrest. Also, reckless driving laws grant powers to the VA drivers to remain silent during an arrest. But the accused who exhibit violence and indecent behavioral patterns are prone to aggravate the charges lodged against them. Therefore, any indecorous statement made by the accused during their VA arrest can be used as a tool by the arresting officers to prove the charges registered against the former. Reckless driving laws give rights to the judges to dissolve cases that lack reasonable claims and evidence against the defendants.

Civic departments operational in VA control the flow of traffic and road accidents with the help of the VA reckless driving laws enforced. The reckless driving laws contain huge loads of procedures that appear confusing and intimidating to the eyes of a common man in VA. Cases can be dealt with effectively and a desirable outcome can be reached only with thorough knowledge of the driving laws. But proficient assistance, from the VA attorneys who possess ample expertise on the VA reckless driving laws, simplifies all court processes.

First-time offense

Motorists charged with rash motoring for the very first time can avail of some concessions. Those accused in these cases are likely to have zero speeding records and this can bring in positive change during the negotiations between the defense attorneys and state prosecutors. However, judges and attorneys representing the state, have powers to analyze and access the motoring history of the people apprehended. Those with prior records and speeding tickets of non-criminal backgrounds in VA are also capable of being sanctioned under the driving laws. Therefore, seek assistance from an efficient VA attorney who has adequate expertise on the reckless laws to better understand the progress of a lawsuit pertaining to the allegations falling under these categories.

The course of cases involving citizens hailing from states other than VA

VA driving laws offer no concessions to people who belong to foreign states and stand convicted for reckless driving in Virginia. The Virginia laws do not entertain excuses from the accused regarding incognizance of the traffic rules implemented in VA. The driving laws state that it is ultimately the duty of the VA drivers, to get them acquainted with the road safety regulations enforced at places through which they transmit.

Therefore, in these cases, attorneys appearing on behalf of the defendants cannot put forth defenses indicating the unawareness of their clients on the traffic rules existent in Virginia.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. explain if the clients are on the wrong while on road and provide strategies to defend the offense. Our VA lawyers are well adept in reckless driving code violations and can protect the clients’ rights.


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