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Worried after being charged with a crime in Fairfax, VA?

Seek the assistance of Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA for your charge at the earliest. You will be informed by the Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA about how your criminal conviction will have a dreadful impact on the quality of your life. You will be shocked to know that your academics, job prospects, and social status are bound to have a setback after the conviction.

Expert Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA are known to play a substantial role in avoiding unnecessary harassment that may result from your criminal charge. Your criminal charge in Fairfax, VA could lead to a confrontation with the law enforcement officers regarding the incident leading to your charge. In such cases, experienced Criminal Lawyers in VA will come to your aid. They efficiently deal with all kinds of criminal offenses ranging from DUI offenses to sex-related crimes. These lawyers are known for their professional experience in drafting tailor-made defensive strategies to defend you.

Seek the assistance of the skilled Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C. who can assist you in the formulation of a defense strategy uniquely framed for your case. We are aware that there is no universal solution for all criminal cases and assist on a case by case basis.

On retaining our Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA, you will be advised about the various criminal offenses, the resulting consequences, and the possible defenses. You will gain confidence in winning your criminal charge after the initial consultation with our lawyers.


Being framed with criminal charges can confuse and you need expert guidance from Fairfax Criminal Attorneys in VA on how to encounter such situations.

If you wish to obtain a dismissal of your criminal charge, hiring the services of the best Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA is paramount. Proficient Criminal Lawyers in VA will provide excellent assistance. Their assistance extends from making a thorough investigation of the case to analyzing the prosecution’s evidence against you. Examination of evidence is thus a critical step in defending against the criminal charges by the Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA.

Criminal Lawyers in VA have adapted themselves to developments in technology and the evolving Laws. These developments are utilized to the fullest extent possible to support the client’s interests and to establish the innocence of the accused. Immensely experienced Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will display superior skills like objecting to evidence during the trial. Such a brilliant display of objecting to irrelevant evidence and persistent cross-examination of a prosecution witness is required to construct a defense strategy for your charge in Fairfax.

Criminal Lawyers in VA generally confine cross-examination to the matters discussed during direct examination. The main focus of cross-examination is assessing the credibility of the witness. Skilled Fairfax Lawyers in VA attempt to weaken the reliability of the evidence by challenging the witness’ observation. Another popular trial tactic adopted by Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA is proving that the witness is biased. A witness is termed as a biased witness by making references to prior conviction records of the witness involving immorality.

Schedule a consultation with experienced Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA to navigate the suit in the direction of the outcome you desire. The lawyer you hire for your criminal case should take all steps to protect your rights including the right of fair trial and right against self-incrimination.

We provide you a short brief about how our Fairfax Lawyers in VA have assisted clients for the following charges.


If you believe reckless driving in Fairfax, VA is the simplest of all the offenses or that a mere reckless driving charge does nothing to your social status or employment prospects, you are wrong. Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will apprise you that reckless driving charges though seemingly simple, have the potential to build a negative impression about you.

Reach out to the Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA if you have been charged with reckless driving offenses without any further delay. During the initial consultation, set aside any conclusory beliefs you may have about your charge and patiently listen to what the experts have to say about your criminal charge in Fairfax.

On realizing the seriousness of such an offense in Fairfax, you may be wondering what acts constitute reckless driving.

Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer

Learn from our Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA that Virginia Code 46.2-852 explains reckless driving as follows:

  • Reckless driving in Fairfax is any kind of driving that has the potential to endanger the life, limb or property of another person
  • In the event of a motor vehicle accident in Fairfax caused by reckless driving, a preliminary investigation is conducted.
  • Reckless driving charge leads to examining the witness and ascertaining the extent of damage caused.


Competent Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will be able to defend you against the reckless driving charges by proving that no violation of prescribed speed limits has occurred. Another defense for reckless driving charges is that assessment by the authorities has been wrong. Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will apprise you that the punishments for reckless driving are similar to DWI offenses.


You will gain sufficient knowledge about the stringent traffic laws of Virginia on meeting an experienced lawyer representing clients in such matters. Virginia discourages driving at an intoxicated state and makes the laws even stricter for the youth. Fairfax Lawyers in VA will warn you that driving under the intoxication of alcohol or drugs is a serious crime that attracts implacable punishments.

The authorities in Virginia may halt an individual if they suspect that such an individual has violated the traffic rules in Fairfax. After the initial stop in Fairfax, the authorities will check if the driver has slurred speech, slow responding times, or an alcoholic trace strongly indicating alcohol intoxication. In such circumstances, the law enforcement officer can request the driver for a standard field sobriety test or a breath test to ascertain the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). On obtaining the results of such tests, the authorities can conclude whether such an individual has been driving under the influence of alcohol/drug intoxication. If the test proves that the driver was intoxicated, the officer has the authority to arrest the driver.

Fairfax Criminal Lawyers repeatedly tell their clients that they have the right to refuse to take the test offered by the officer on the roads after the initial stop. In such cases, the officer will take you to the police station for another test. Here, you need to be cautious and do not deny the test. If you refuse the test at the station, another criminal charge will be imposed on you.

Schedule a consultation with outstanding Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA to assist you with the legal provisions, explain punishments, and to efficiently defend you from your DUI charges.

Before making any statements to the officials, consult the Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA to aid you with the DUI charges.


If you assume that only robbing something physically accounts for theft, then you are wrong! Virginia State categorizes theft offenses involving a wide range of activities attracting a variety of fines and punishments based on different situations.

Fairfax Criminal Lawyers will update you that the burden to prove one guilty of a theft offense beyond a reasonable doubt rests with the prosecutor. If you have been charged for theft offenses, seek sound legal counsel from experienced and shrewd Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA. On obtaining the services of these professionals, you can relax. Even if you decide to plead guilty, Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will help in minimizing punishments by aggressively negotiating with the prosecutors and by disproving the evidence submitted in the courts.


Petit/Petty Larceny

The Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will inform you that the following are Class 1 misdemeanors attracting imprisonment up to one year and a fine up to $2500 for petit larceny.

  • Stealing property of a value less than $5 directly from another person,
  • Stealing property or services not from one’s person but of value less than $200,
  • Shoplifting merchandise possessing value less than $200 from a commercial establishment.

Engage Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA if you have been charged for petit larceny immediately.

Grand Larceny

Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will tell you that committing any one of the following acts, you will face a felony conviction. The value of the property being stolen will determine the period of imprisonment ranging from 1 to 20 years.

  • Stealing property with a value equal to or more than $5 directly from another person,
  • Shoplifting merchandise of a value equal to or more than $200 from a commercial establishment or
  • Taking a firearm of any value.

Consult with the skilled Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA if you are charged for grand larceny to accurately examine the evidence and to guide you in the process of dismissing the charges or negotiating the punishments.


Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will update you that robbery is a serious offense. It involves plundering a property or stealing of money with the use of force or threat attracting felony convictions with compulsory imprisonment.

Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will educate you that on committing the following acts, you are likely to be convicted for robbery.

  • Use violence against a victim,
  • Institute fear of serious bodily harm in the mind of the victim,
  • Operate or threaten to operate a firearm or other deadly weapon.

White-Collar Theft Crimes

The Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA mention that crimes that fall under white-collar theft do not involve the use of violence. These crimes are committed for financial benefits by fraudulent means or by breaching the fiduciary duty.

Crimes that fall under this category include the following:

Embezzlement, as informed by the Lawyers, is a kind of financial fraud committed by the embezzler, comprising of theft. It includes illegal misappropriation of funds or assets legally entrusted for conversion or personal use.

Money Laundering is the act of concealment of the origin of money obtained through illegal means. Money laundering is committed by transferring large sums of money that involves foreign banks or illegitimate business.

Identity Theft is the illegal use of a person’s sensitive information assuming the person’s identity to gain an unjust financial benefit.

Credit Card fraud, Tax fraud, Securities fraud, and other kinds of frauds are the various kinds of frauds committed by an individual or a group of individuals for financial gain through illegal means.


Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will explain to you that drug offenses are dealt under Virginia Code 18.2-250. It is illegal to possess a controlled substance without a proper prescription by a medical practitioner.

Lawyers will tell you that for drug possession the following factors should be proved beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • Knowledge of the presence of the drugs,
  • Knowledge of the character of the drug,
  • Conscious possession of the drug

The mere existence of the controlled substance in the premises owned or occupied by you does not create a presumption of possession.

Retaining experienced Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will prove to be beneficial for your charge.

Virginia Drug Defense Lawyer


Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will inform you that the Virginia Code 18.2-248.1 punishes the acts of sale or distribution of drugs and the possession of controlled substances to sell and distribute.

Lawyers in VA will acquaint you about what acts are considered as sale or transportation of the controlled substance. Both the act of distributing the controlled substance and having the intent to distribute attract similar penalties in VA.

The Lawyers in VA will update you that the burden to prove the defendant’s guilt rests with the prosecutor.

Virginia Code 18.2-248 deals with possession of the drugs of specified amounts and changes the nature of the offense from simple possession to possession with an intent to distribute which include the following but not limited to:

  • 100 grams or more of heroin
  • 500 grams or more of cocaine
  • 250 grams or more of cocaine base
  • 10 grams or more of methamphetamine

Penalties for possessing the above to distribute include imprisonment of 5 years to life imprisonment and a fine up to $1million.

Lawyers in VA will warn you about the penalties for illegal distribution of drugs listed in schedule I and II. The penalties include fines up to $500,000 and imprisonment ranging from 5 to 40 years. Distribution of schedule III drugs attracts imprisonment of 1 to 10 years. Distribution of schedule IV drugs attracts 5 years of imprisonment and the distribution of schedule V drugs attracts one-year imprisonment and $2500 fines. Lawyers will also advise you that prior records of convictions would make the penalty and imprisonment severe.

Consult with the Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA, to know all about your defenses. In some criminal cases, the authorities may have obtained evidence by an illegal search. Be informed by your attorney that such evidence is not admissible against you in court. Suppressing all evidence obtained from such an illegal search may prove to be crucial in establishing your innocence.


Several Fairfax Criminal Lawyers have an impeccable practice with Criminal Defense being their main strategy. Remember, retaining excellent Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA for your case is the preliminary step for winning your case.

Best Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA are highly experienced and prove to be trustworthy. To derive optimum benefits building a healthy lawyer-client relationship is essential. The key to success is a detailed discussion about your charge with the Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA. These discussions are vital for your case as it is only during these discussions you will be informed about court procedures, the possible outcomes, and the punishments.

It is important to note that, skilled Virginia Defense Attorneys in VA provide prompt professional guidance based on their experiences. Efficient Virginia Defense Lawyers in VA enable you to look at the complete picture of your charge and provide you timely updates on all improvements in your case.

Proficient Fairfax Criminal Lawyers in VA will provide you perfect solutions. These professionals will advise you about the best course of action, whether it be defending your case or pleading guilty. When you decide based on the sound legal counsel provided by the Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. Lawyers, the outcome would be most beneficial to you. Remember to make honest and full disclosure to your Fairfax Criminal Attorneys in VA.

Any information you hold back may prove to be vital for your defense and will become a hurdle in establishing your innocence. Contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in VA for a detailed consultation right now. The lawyers here know how to save you severe punishment and social stigma.


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