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The primary duty of CPS, which operates under the Virginia DSS, is to respond to statements of alleged child abuse in Virginia. The CPS in Virginia may also charge for neglect if you fail to safeguard the child’s security or wellbeing. To understand and fight a case initiated by CPS in Virginia, take the help of an attorney.

What to Do If a Child Protective Service Worker Contacts Me?

Only if CPS in Virginia received complaints of abuse or neglect of children in your care, you will be contacted. The easiest approach to begin the fight is talking to an attorney. We, at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Virginia are experienced in fighting the CPS case. Our attorney can fight uncompromisingly to dismiss the allegations.

Virginia law defines that an abused or neglected child is any abused child under 18 years of age who is under the care of a parent, guardian, or other individual. The CPS accusation of child abuse has extreme consequences and can completely wreck an individual’s reputation. It can also have a significant brunt on one’s personal and professional life. To fight and dismiss the CPS charge, the assistance of a Virginia attorney is imperative.

Aspects of Abuse and Neglect in VA

Know about physical abuse from a Virginia attorney. Physical abuse, in CPS, is an idiom for acts which engrosses inflict or threatens to inflict injury to a child or hinders the child’s development. To vigorously fight the CPS charges in Virginia speak with an attorney.

Classification of abuse

Familiar sort of physical abuse often seen by CPS includes mental abuse, bone fracture, head injuries, cuts, abrasions, and bruises. The attorney in Virginia will advise that exposing a child to the manufacture or sale of drugs may also be considered as an act of physical abuse in Virginia. Any individual indicted for child abuse in Virginia should rely on an attorney to a justifiable fight and protect his/her rights.

What acts denote Neglect?

The Virginia attorney will tell you that neglect, on consideration with CPS, is alleged when one fails to offer the required medical treatment, shelter, clothing, and food to a child in his/her care, custody, or control. Neglect arises when there is a physical absence that restricts one from caring for the child. To understand more about CPS and legally fight the allegations in Virginia count on the experiences of a knowledgeable attorney.

Other Classification of Neglect

In some conditions where family poverty leads to neglect, it may not be charged as neglecting the child. Virginia DSS takes steps to ensure that the child is proffered with the needed care. The attorney in Virginia will warn that deliberately leaving the child with a relative or friend who has a record of a violent sex offense is also neglect. To legally fight and to dismiss the CPS case, find a skilled attorney.

Who Can Allege Abuse?​

The attorney in Virginia will reveal that anyone can make complaints of the supposed child abuse or neglect to the CPS. Professionals who associate with children are required by Virginia law to inform the abuse to CPS without delay. If such incidents are informed to the CPS; you require a Virginia attorney to professionally fight the charge.

Why should someone make statements about the abuse?

The goal of reporting to CPS is to spot the abused or neglected children at the earliest. This way the child’s safety and well-being are guaranteed efficiently. Speak frankly to an attorney to effectively fight in your support.

How does Child Protection Services carry out an Investigation?

In Virginia, the assigned CPS worker will have one on one talk with the child, the parents, siblings, and the supposed abuser. The CPS worker will look for signs of injury, abuse, or neglect. The CPS worker will check for prior reports of abuse or neglect.

To know more about the CPS charges and to legally fight by relying on the constitutional rights, meet a skilled attorney.

How does Child Protection Services proceed with an Investigation?

Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

The CPS workers will get in touch with and discuss with other persons who are familiar with the child and family such as doctors, teachers, or relatives. The role of the CPS worker in Virginia includes scrutinizing the home environment and carrying out a preliminary safety assessment. The CPS worker builds up a protection plan with the family to prevent future abuse or neglect for the child if needed.

Talk to a Virginia attorney to fight all the accusations of the CPS and to proceed with other options to fight for the well being of the children.

How long do the Child Protection Services take to conclude Investigation?

The Virginia law demands a CPS investigation be completed within 45-60 days from the date of the report. If a CPS investigation is carried out along with law enforcement, the period may extend to 90 days. To effectively fight CPS investigations talk to a Virginia attorney.

What are the consequences for the Abuse and Neglect of Child in Virginia?

Virginia law punishes willful child abuse and neglect as a Class 4 felony which results in two to ten years jail time with a fine not exceeding $100,000. A Virginia court may impose a fine or prison sentence based on the particular facts of the CPS case. For persuasive fact-based arguments and fights against the charge, discuss with an attorney.

If the Virginia prosecutors are able to convince that the child abuse and neglect crime was the conduct of irresponsible disregard for your child’s life, you have to fight against being imposed with a Class 6 felony. In Virginia, Class 6 felonies lead to an imprisonment term arraying from one year to five years. If the Virginia court tries the case without a jury or the case is tried at the jury’s discretion, it may result in paying a fine of up to $2,500 and a month’s jail confinement. To fight the consequences of CPS consult with a Virginia attorney. A Virginia CPS case can be dismissed only through the persuasive fight of an experienced attorney.

What Are My Rights

Parenting is an equal combination of lenience, tolerance, and the responsibility of bringing up responsible children. The attorney in Virginia will tell you that an individual under CPS investigation is entitled to these rights to fight the charge:

  • To be informed in writing that you are the subject of a report and that you are entitled to narrate your version during the fight.
  • To obtain all relevant information from the CPS worker about the report, for framing arguments to fight the charge.
  • To electronically document the interactions between you and the CPS worker, provided all parties are conscious of the recording.
  • To appeal the CPS investigation findings and fight all supplementary proceedings in Virginia.
  • You can put up an aggressive fight with the aid of a Virginia attorney. An Attorney will let know the dos and don’ts to fight the CPS case. Preparing a logical fight can twist the final outcome in your favor.

When are Criminal Charges Filed?

  • When the Death of a child occurs
  • When Sexual abuse is alleged
  • When a serious injury of the child has been caused
  • When the charge is a drug offense related to a child
  • When the charge is linked with Abduction

One should fight criminal charges seriously in Virginia. Articulation with an attorney to fight over the charge is essential. Self-representation to fight a CPS case is not advisable. For fact-based and law-based fight against the charge, contact Virginia attorney.

What takes place after an Investigation?

Once the investigation is concluded in Virginia, the CPS worker will weigh up all information found during the CPS investigation and will conclude whether the allegations were founded or unfounded. The indicted will be informed by the CPS both orally and in writing of the disposition. To understand the nature of CPS Investigation and to prudently fight the related investigations do contact an attorney.

The VA attorney will explain that an unfounded disposition is held when the information collected during the CPS investigation did not support an affirmation of the charge. Rely on an attorney to aggressively fight the accusations. A founded disposition explains that the information collected during the CPS investigation has exposed substantial proof of abuse or neglect. To intelligibly fight the dispositions, consult with an attorney.

Do the Child Protection Services take away the Children?

Child Protective Services can lawfully take away your children in Virginia. If a statement is prepared and CPS concludes that a child is under threat, the CPS has the right to take away the children from that condition and any detrimental environment. To understand and fight the stern consequences of CPS complaints rely on an experienced attorney. An experienced and qualified attorney will determinedly fight your case in Virginia.

Who takes care of my children?

Children are then placed in temporary custody or foster care, and the CPS recommends the termination of parental rights. Having a knowledgeable Virginia attorney who can fight and help to make sure that the facts of your case are accurately and unbiasedly evaluated can have a considerable impact on the outcome of your CPS investigation.

What happens after the removal of my children?

Parents will be informed in writing by CPS and they will provide all papers that support removal filed with the Virginia court. All papers comprise a statement about the cause for the removal of children by the CPS investigator. The judge will determine whether the child should be sent back to the home, reside with a family member, or stay behind in CPS custody at the hearing. Retain a Virginia attorney to legally fight the removal of children by the CPS. Children’s wellbeing is the only key point in any case in Virginia, so fight insistently to safeguard the children.

The Virginia judge can also order various counseling activities for parents or caregivers such as attending parenting classes, completing anger management courses, attending a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, and other requirements. Take the assistance of an attorney to fight for options that can be easily completed.

What is the Service Plan endorsed by the Child Protection Services?

To consent to the child to revisit home, a service plan is written with a CPS proposal and steps that must be taken. It is not a court order by Virginia and cannot be made compulsory, but failure to pursue the plan can be used against the family that they are not working with the plan. At the option of the CPS and family members, the plan can be distorted or improved. There will be enhanced support in drafting the plan when there is an attorney to fight the case.

What ought to be done after the indictment?

When there is an accusation, indictment of child abuse, or CPS has already taken your children, take the guidance of a Virginia attorney. The key points and defenses to justifiable fight are raised only by an experienced and qualified attorney. Proper investigation by an aggressive attorney is crucial to fight a Virginia CPS case. The sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the sooner the attorney can embark on tailoring a legal strategy to a rightful fight with the CPS.

The attorney you retain should have the expertise to fight felony child abuse charges too.

Anyone accused of child abuse has the risk of losing right of liberty, the right to vote, and may also lose job opportunities. To put on a strong consistent fight against the CPS charges take the support of an attorney.

You would not want to jeopardize your freedom by self-representation or by not connecting with an attorney as quickly as probable. A Virginia attorney will have the legal expertise to fight and find a way to dismiss the charge. An attorney can rally around and fight to tone down the conditions. An attorney will let the individual be acquainted with what the best possible outcome is for them. You require the support of an unwavering attorney who can coherently fight for that outcome.

How does a Prosecutor prove the indictment?

According to Virginia law, Virginia prosecutors cover the directive to make sure that the indictment is based on certain specifics. For a crime of child abuse and neglect, the Virginia prosecutors ought to bear out assorted essentials constituting your CPS case. These include: The indicted individual was the Child’s Parent, Guardian or Caregiver. An experienced attorney can examine and fight the case for the parent accordingly.

The indicted individual acted willfully. Acting willfully or knowingly indicates that the individual was aware of the proceedings at the time of wrongdoing. Prosecutors will aggressively fight to prove that you acted purposely and freely when you decided to abuse and neglect a child. The defense attorney would lucidly fight back to prove the errors in the CPS case.

The prosecution seeks to prove that the indicted individual was the cause for abuse and Neglect of the Child. An attorney would rationally fight to nullify all the allegations. Defend the child protective case with the assistance of the aggressive attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Virginia.

How Essential Is an attorney’s Role in Combatting the Accusation

A VA lawyer can defend allegations made to child protective services that have been framed. To amplify the chances of getting the indictments slumped, the attorney systematizes these specifics to precede a legal fight. The legal defenses proposed by the attorney to fight the abuse charge are as follows:

The so-called Victim Isn’t a Minor: A Virginia court can only handle your child abuse case if the supposed victim is a minor, individual below the age of 18. If you can prove that the victim is not a minor, you can win the case. Take the assistance of an attorney to fight and do away with all the unpleasant consequences.

Finger-pointing: False accusations in cases relating to child abuse and neglect may crop up out of a domestic or family conflict. Though they’re not common, cause for the accusation may include annoyance, vengeance, covetousness, and wish to obtain charge of a child. An attorney can recognize the condition and fight all the way to steer clear of all the accusations. This allegation also demands a family divorce attorney to sensibly fight against all odds.

The harm wasn’t a consequence of Abuse: To avoid being indicted with a Class 6 felony under Virginia law for irresponsibly disrespecting human life one can fight that the child’s injuries weren’t caused by the indicted action of physical abuse. Hiring an attorney can change the course of the case. The Virginia attorney can procure a medical examiner to examine the injuries and conceivably fight their nature and source despite the accusations aggravated by the CPS.

False Allegations: As much as the Virginia DSS allows the public, instructors, certified medical practitioners, and childcare providers to state any child abuse and neglect confrontation, the Virginia law demands that the statements have to be factual for the conviction. An attorney may allude that there is a slip-up of fact and fight assertively to prove the innocence of the indicted individual.

The indicted individual didn’t Act on purpose: Virginia law reflects on neglect as a willful act when the child necessities were entirely neglected solely by the indicted individual. The attorney may reasonably fight that such neglect was not intentional.


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